All Bright Lights provides bright, eco-friendly lighting at the lowest possible prices. We save our customers money while saving the environment at the same time. Our goal is to provide a service that shines with integrity and customer satisfaction. Compare our high quality bulbs to others and see the difference in savings and lumens. Lumens is the output of light recognized when light is on so the higher the lumens the greater the output. Keep in mind that if you can get more light in the room with less watts being used you are saving more money and that is exactly what All Bright Lights does for you as represented by the chart below.                                                                                        

All Bright Lights has 110 lumens or greater per watt

All Bright Lights: 7 watt has 770 lumens
Cree: 7 watt has 570 lumens
TCP: 7 watt has 450 lumens

LED Lights Save Money and Protect the Environment

All Bright Lights specializes in LED (light-emitting diodes) and other energy efficient fixtures, lamps and bulbs, including: fluorescent lights, down lights, strip lights, flexible ribbon lights, panel lights, spot lights (MR16), bulb lights, relative drivers, ballasts, and more. LED lights are better for our planet because they use less energy and contain no mercury. LED lights are better for your pocketbook because they reduce costs for energy, maintenance, and cooling. LED lights use at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting, last 35-50 times longer, and produce very little heat.

All Bright Lights Puts Customer Needs First

LED lights are a cost-effective way to fulfill your lighting needs. The All Bright Lights Team maintains the highest quality materials for our clients. We pride ourselves in consistently delivering brightness at a higher level than our competitors. Our design team is available to customize different applications. All Bright Lights factories guarantee a mold of customized prototypes within 3 days, and a finished product ready for delivery within 20 days.

All Bright Lights is experienced in providing professional services to buyers worldwide. All Bright Lights is an invested LED light enterprise. The satisfaction of our customers is paramount. We have a dedicated sales staff and provide installation service. To enjoy the distinguished advantages of LED lighting customized to meet your needs, please contact our sales staff.

HID Light Source

HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights are at the cutting edge in technology and savings. We at All Bright Lights are working with the top expert of this technology Dr. Ning Chang Long with 4 HID patents including two principle types of patents. We have a vast variety of HID lights available at the lowest possible prices with the highest quality materials.

CDM Specialty Features

CDM lights are being built in Dr Ning Chang Long's factory with world class materials, ceramic powder, electrodes, metal halide, etc. all world's top imported materials. These lights have a consistent light color and color temperature drift. Excellent light and long life as we have the P50 bulb with a life that can reach 12,000 hours much higher than the national standard of 8,000 hours.

This light is mainly characterized by white lights, however the red and green colors show with very high intensity. These lights have been and are being used to showcase jewelry, fruits and vegetables at the supermarket as well as food dishes at restaurants. Yes, using these lights above the table where food is being served enhances the appearance greatly.





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